12 sept. 2010

Nailpolish collection + swatch NYX Frizz Spots nailpolish

The other day I was practising with my camera and I took this photo of my nailpolishes, so now I show you it, these are my favourite nailpolishes, as you can see I like those who have glitters, not an only single colour.
The first in the left is from Claire's, the 2nd and the 3rd too, the black in the middle with glitters is the NYX Frizz Spots, it's my favourite, the other black is from Bourjois and the white (used for french manicure) and blue are from Claire's too.

And there is a swatch of the nailpolish from NYX, I love all the products of this brand and I cannot resist to buy it in CherryCulture.

And again thanks for all the visits, if you like my blog post me a comment in this entry if you want :)

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